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What are Followers?

and why they so important

We make a great deal about a natural looking viewer bot. Though give you all the tools necessary to do so, we cannot control the way you use them; at least to an extend. to make your viewer bot look believable, you have to have a certain amount of bots following your channel. Not only will that number determine, how believable the amount of twitch live viewer bots watching is. We also have the bots that follow you joining your stream as a viewer bot with a higher priority than new viewers. Meaning that your followers are more likely to watch than new people. Which is very reasonable for most userbases. Another thing to keep in mind is, that you should add a sufficient amount of twitch followers to your channel. An amount that tells a story to your real viewers. If you plan to have 100 viewer bots watching at the same time, you shold have way more followers than 100. Otherwise it looks pretty darn like you are viewbotting.


  • Batch release a custom amount of followers at once
  • Release another Follower by simply clicking a button (live view)
  • Randomly add followers while streaming (as an option when starting the viewer bot)

Send followers to your channel

You can simply add a bunch of followers to your channel by defining an amount and clicking sent. 🤷‍♀️


After you have started the viewer bot, you can easily add new followers by simply clicking a button.

Automated random followers

Botcamp knows that controling a bot while streamin can be stressful. That is why we not only added a button to add followers on the click of a button, but give you an option to randomly get bots following your channel. You are welcome. 🤗

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botcamp twitch viewer bot

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