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We have put most effort into our twitch chatbot. It is the most sophisticated solution to have bots talk in all of the industry. The bots are indistinguishable from normal chatters, cause they simply behave like normal users do. We not only have them talk about general stuff all the time, but you can trigger certain events that might occur during your twitch streaming time. If you for example ask for people to press F to pay respects, you simply set up a hook, press a button and the chat will cheer for you. You can set up as many button triggers as you wish; and they are easily accessible in the live view of our control panel.


  • Add, delete and combine chatlists with the chatbot manager
  • Live! Talk through connected chatbots
  • Chatbuttons allow you to send 1 or more messages on the click of a button
  • Multi-line chatmessages supported! (one bot can write several messages, who are automatically delayed to make it look natural)

Twitch Chatbot Manager

We coded a simple chatbot manager to add, delete or even combine custom or preset chatlists. It is as easy as it can get and actually nobody ever asked how to use it, cause it is explaining itself. We have a list of chatlists for each type of chatbot. Naming a automatic chatbot list, where you can add all of your chatlists, that are supposed to run automatically in the background. There also is a list for chatbuttons, which are split into shoutouts and single chatbots picking a line from the list.

Twitch Live Chatbot

One of the coolest features we can offer you is the live chatbot for your twitch chat. It allows you to pick a chatbot by name off of a list and simply type in what you want that bot to say. It works like magic.

Twitch Chatbotbuttons

Oh it is so cool. You know when your automated chatbot is simply writing more general stuff in the chat, but something amazing happened in your game? You can now prepare your chat to react to what is happening in your live stream. By basically setting up a list for each scenario (or simply using a preset) you can have your chat go crazy about something with the click of a button.

Multiline Chats? 🧐

It is getting even better. We enable you to have a single chatbot write multiple lines after another. So if a bot should say something like "hellloooo!" and add another line to that like "how are you??", you basically write that message like "helllooo! >>> how are you??" and it is done. Looks much more believable, when that is happening in your chat.

twitch chat bot

twitch live chatbot

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