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What are channelviews?

and why they count

Twitch shows the total amount of people that have watched your stream as Total Views on your stream's page. We personally like to call them channelviews. If you plan to use a twitch viewer bot, you can only fool people, if you have a reasonable amount of channel views on your stream's page. You should add at least (!) 200 times the amount of viewer bots you plan to have on your channel to make it look believable. So if you plan to use Botcamp's Twitch Viewer Bot with 100 Live Viewer Bots, you should have at least 20000 Channel views, so people do not doubt your success on twitch's streaming platform.


  • Batch release a custom amount of channel views at once
  • Add a channel views for each viewer bot joining your channel (as an option when starting the viewer bot)

Send Channel Views

To send channel views to your channel you have two options. You can either send a defined amount like 1000 to your channel. This is helpful when boosting up your channel to look stronger or simply preparing it to use a higher amount of viewer bots and still look believable.

Automated Channelviews 🥰

We would not be botcamp if it was not possible to automate the process of adding channelviews. We make it possible to add a channel view for each view bot that you want to join your channel. All you have to do is leave the option checked when starting the viewer bot. If you do not like this feature, you can turn it off of course. But we highly suggest to keep it on.

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