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26th of May

Chatbot is back online now

We have reworked parts of the chatbot to meet new criteria for the next botcamp version.
We have also added a new feature that allows you to repeat the chatlist, once it has used all messages in it (avoid duplicates has to be enabled obviously).
You might also use really long chatlists now.

There is one more thing to fix today, which was brought to our attention 2 days ago. The chatbuttons as well as the livechat are repetitively played for some reason. We are looking into it.

26th of May

Chatbot will be down for ~2 hours

Working on things. Back up ~12:00-13:00 CET

May 23th

Save 10% paying with cryptocurrencies

As promised, you are now able to pay with crypto currencies.
Autobuy is working with bitcoin, bitcoin cash, ethereum, litecoin and usd coin.
If you want to purchase a key with monero, you can still talk to the chat and make that happen.

May 25th

What's up?

We are currently reworking the looks of the frontpage, salespage and such. This has not much to do with the upcoming botcamp 2.0 and is just to make things a bit prettier.
Behind the scenes, we are already testing new features like a multilanguage website, autobuy cryptopayments and even some new bot-features.
Botcamp 2.0 will try to look very similar to the current version, but use modern web-technology like serverless infrastructure and reactive webdesign.
So as the name implies, the botcamp update will be more "reactive", whatever that means, right?

We will slowly implement these new things to the current iteration of botcamp as well, since it is no biggy.


April 5th

We Are Working On Botcamp 2.0

and it is going to be pretty cool.

October 28th

about the under delivery issue


a few people do not notice under delivery anymore, while others are still having issues.

just to clear things: we fixed everything on our end and are still waiting for the proxies to refresh. we have no influence on that.
we know that can be frustrating not getting what you are setting the bot up to. we do not like it to be this way neither.
we are awaiting things to get better just as much as you do.
the upside is, that the count is stable and the functionality of the service is as good as it ever was.


october 19th

underdelivery at the moment


we know it is an issue and already solved things on our end.
from experience, it will take about 1-4 days for the network to refresh.


October 17th

You have to kill the bot manually or it will keep running!


we had two people facing issues. the bot was shutting down for no reason. we have no idea why and have stopped this function for now. you have to kill the bots after you have finished streaming till we know what is going on.

This will take effect as soon as we can restart the server. we aim at 1 am CET


September 10th

Got a little issue when starting the bot.

looking into it.

September 6th

Check EA Origin for BF5 Open Beta

See topic

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