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January 18th

The Bot Is Starting Again

Hey guys,

just fixed the starting issue we had with the bot while upgrading the system.
we will add time to your key on request. hit up the chat for more information.


january 4th

Fixing the downtime

hey guys,

we are updating the system right now, so the viewer bot is not working for the moment.
we will come back with more functionality and a cute little sale for our peopl!

Nov 17

Viewbot working again

Everything should work fine again!

Nov 14th

Bot is not working for the moment

hi guys,

we are looking into it.

October 26th

Followers fixed

The followers are finally fixed. Yay.

August 21st

Start Error Fixed

we encountered a new error when starting the bot this evening.
it showed that it was not only that, but many things broke out of a sudden.
solution was to rewrite a whole bunch of code.

it is working now (hopefully) and is future proof.

August 13th

Delivery back to normal!

We will roll out a patch withing the next ~10 minutes to all accounts that will fix the under delivery for everybody.


July 22nd

Yes, its awful

We have still not figured out how to solve the under delivery issue.
There are some options left and we are looking into it.

Sorry, we need to ask for your patience.

July 7th

no under delivery!

Hi guys,

all monthly and weekly keys should be fine now.
If you need any further assistance, do not hesitate to join the chat.

June 27th

You might experience under delivery at the moment.

Hi guys,

for the last couple of days we had some issues with under delivery for _some_ people.
we tried to keep cool and not make a huge buzz about it. but it requires us to take further action.
we will once more invest in more infrastructure and try some new techniques to deal with it (yes, thats blabla).

we are currently working on some new features for the admin panel that will allow us to take immediate action and solve
this issue for a user that asks us to do something about it. we are actually very positive about this and expect most things to be fine then.

give us a few days and it should be back to normal.

also: if you need assistance, we can help you in chat, even today.

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