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Satisfying Twitch Viewer Bot

Live Views

The entire twitch viewer bot is built around looking very natural. We have implemented a ton of features that allow full control over the twitch viewer bots. You can control their amount, actions and even a timeperiod in which they join your twitch stream (called dripfeed).


  • The twitch viewer bot lets you choose the amount of viewer bots, viewerlist and chatbots separatly
  • Each twitch viewbot can also send a channelview to your twitch stream (optional)
  • Specify the timeframe in which your viewer bots should join (e.g. over a timeperiod of 30min)
  • Get new followers randomly
twitch viewer bot
twitch chatbot manager

Most Versatile Twitch Chatbot

The Chatbots

Next to the twitch viewer bot our Chatbot is the most sophisticated solution out there. We offer a wide variety of chatbots to fit any situation that might occur in your stream. You can talk live through bots with our live mode. You can set up buttons to send messages on the click of a button. And you can have the normal chatlist running in the background.
You can also manage all of your bots in our chatbot manager, which empowers you to build new chatlists in no time.


  • Add, delete and combine chatlists with the chatbot manager
  • Live! Talk through connected chatbots
  • Chatbuttons allow you to send 1 or more messages on the click of a button
  • Multi-line chatmessages supported! (one bot can write several messages, who are automatically delayed to make it look natural)

Talk live!

Customers love to chose a connected bot from a list and type exactly what he is about to say in your chat. The livechat feature is enabling you to do just that.

twitch live chat
twitch live view

Access chat-features in Liveview!

Once you have set up chatbuttons, you can simply press the button or tap on it on your mobile device and have either one or several bots chat about stuff that just happened!
We created chatbuttons to enable you to have your chat react to things happening in your stream. You can let them hype a great frag, laugh at you when you die or have them say whatever you like. It is 100% customizable!

Lets recap:

  • You have 3 twitch chatbots to make your stream look totally legit. The automated chatbot is reading messages from files that are stored in your chatbot manager.
  • Setup your chatbuttons the same way and once you activate them, have your chat react to what is happening in your stream
  • Should you want to have bots say something specific right now, simply the livechat-feature

Nothing worse than a half baked twitch viewer bot.

We are streamers ourselves. You and us, we both know what we need to make our stream successful. We both know which features would not only make our lifes easier, but enrich the experience.

Even more comfort:

  • Randomly get followers added to your channel
  • Automatically add channel views with each live-viewer
  • Have full control over the frequencies in which chatbots talk
  • Avoid duplicates when reading from a chatbot-list
  • Batch send followers and channel views
  • be continued

We listen

There is a lot of work to running a high-end service like botcamp and we are willing to continously putting the work in. There are still things we would like to add or simply improve. To come up with things we also take your feedback into consideration, which has introduced new features, that were requested by you.
botcamp batch feature

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